Mediterranean Video Festival 20th. The official selection

The 20th edition of the Mediterranean Video Festival will take place from 14 to 17 September 2017 in Ascea / Velia (SA).

8 films in the official selection for the jury award for best documentary.


You reap what you sow by Alaa Ashkar, France.

El Mundanal Ruido  by David Muñoz, Spain.

Fifty rupees only  by Nagore Eceiza Mugica, Spain.

Moo Ya by Filippo Ticozzi, Italy.

El Mundanal Ruido by David MuÑoz, Spain.

La Cena di Toni by Elisabetta Pandimiglio, Italy.

Pump  by Joseph David, France.

Gaza by  Julio Perèz , Carles Bover, Spain.

The songs by Giovanni Rosa, Italy.